Specialists in steel fabrication, engineering & advanced automation

With over 30 years experience, BESPRA brings a high level of excellence to your fabrication services and automation processes.

BESPRA is a UK and Northern Ireland steel fabrication and automation company. We offer complete service options and supply innovative welding positioners enabling you to enhance your product range.

Working alongside our clients, we are committed to providing expert services, innovative solutions and high quality products at a competitive price ensuring … “Steel and YOUR ideas become reality”.

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RotoRyze LR5000V Welding Positioner

Increase efficiency, safety and better position your workpiece.

RotoRyze is the perfect automated solution for lifting and rotating workpieces of various capacities, shapes and sizes through 360 degrees.

BESPRA welding positioners are designed to significantly improve the productiveness of your welding and fabrication process – whilst ensuring high quality and welding consistency.

RotoRyze your operation and increase operator experience and gain productivity!