BESPRA’s state-of-the art industrial machines – can bend, shape and form metal to meet your needs.

Folding & Bending

BESPRA is here to provide you with degrees of consistency and repeatability suitable for mass production of products.

Our 250 ton CNC hydraulic press brake can fold metal plates up to 4 meters long. Our press brake is a 250 ton unit that can take on 20mm steel plates. When needed, we can also use traditional methods to meet your demands.

Whether you need straightforward mild steel components or complex metal bending for a bespoke project, we have built our reputation on our ability to complete projects that many other fabricators shy away from.

Bending metal with precision requires an intimate knowledge of the metal’s specific properties: its ductility, alloy composition, and its performance when formed. Advanced industrial processes allow us to bend metal in large and small quantities, using different techniques for a wide variety of applications. Sheet metal can be bent using BESPRA’s automated CNC-controlled machinery, and a number of different bending operations can be performed in one operation, ensuring component accuracy and efficiency along with low-cost production.